Ken Ham accuses Bill Nye of telling women what to do with their bodies

Ken Ham accuses Bill Nye of telling women what to do with their bodies September 28, 2015

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If you look up the word hypocrisy in the dictionary, it should now have a link to Ken Ham’s latest blog post in which the creationist who calls abortion murder, accuses Bill Nye of telling women what to do with their bodies.

This weekend, science communicator Bill Nye, released a video on Big Think in which he said that anti-abortion advocates had no idea what they were talking about when it came to abortion.

“Many, many more hundreds of eggs are fertilized than become humans,” he says, because not all of those eggs will attach to a woman’s uterine wall and result in pregnancy. But if you’re going to hold that as a standard—that life begins at conception and any egg that’s fertilized has the same rights as an individual—well, “Whom do you sue? Whom do you throw in jail?” he asks. “Every woman who has had a fertilized egg pass through her? Every guy whose sperm has fertilized an egg and then it didn’t become a human?”

In the video, Nye argued that abortion was a woman’s choice and not one we should be forcing on them because of personally held beliefs or because of our own ignorance about what abortion is.

Of course, somehow, Ken Ham watched that video and thought Nye was telling women what to do.

To clarify: Ken Ham believes abortion is murder and believes we must stop all women from having one. He believes in laws that make abortions illegal. He literally tells women they should never have an abortion. Yes, he is doing exactly what he is accusing Nye of doing.

Meanwhile, all Bill Nye is saying is that women should have a choice based on facts and evidence and that anti-choice advocates like Ken Ham are ignorant and have no idea what they are talking about.

“Later on in the short video defending abortion, he states that he wants to “encourage you to not tell women what to do,” but through the whole video clip he is telling women what to do—that they should abort (murder, really) a baby if they want to,” writes the lunatic Ham.

I have written about some really stupid stuff that has come out of Ken Ham’s mouth before, but this has to be right up there. Somehow imagining that “do what you think is right” is equal to “do what I say” is some creationist level imaginative bullshit.

That would be like me saying, “you can have some desert if you would like. We have cake and pie,” and you looking at me and saying, “don’t tell me what to do!”

The argument just makes no sense. And as a bonus, Ham actually claims that it was his debate with Nye that boosted Nyes reputation!! I almost fell out of my chair!

“It appears that Bill Nye, ever since his debate with me at the Creation Museum last year and the enormous viewership it received, is increasingly being asked now to give his opinion on other topics regardless of his qualifications to speak to such issues,” Ham writes while having even less qualification to speak on such issues.

I guess we can forget about that massive fanbase he has had for decades.

I partially write this piece now to make fun of the stupidity of someone like Ken Ham, but also as a reminder to everyone reading, that this is the opposition. This is the level of childish ignorance we are dealing with when it comes to scientific advancements and women’s rights.

Ken Ham may be a minority in many of his beliefs, but his outright willful ignorance when it comes to women’s rights and his blatant carelessness when it comes to fighting for laws that personally affect their bodies and not his own is dangerous.

Ken Ham is a villain, he is a horrible, moralless creature unworthy of even an ounce of human respect. Ham and others like him must have a light shined on them and we must ridicule their beliefs and ideologies. They don’t deserve to be respected and we should not afford them the pleasure.

[Image: Bill Nye debates Ken Ham / YouTube Screen Capture]

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