Mike Huckabee doesn’t understand how government works and thinks gay marriage is still illegal

Mike Huckabee doesn’t understand how government works and thinks gay marriage is still illegal September 11, 2015

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You would think a qualifying factor to run for the President of the United States would be a basic understanding of how the government functions. This is not so, however, for the former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee said this week that he agreed that the 1857 Dred Scott decision remained “the law of the land,” apparently oblivious to the fact that the 14th Amendment overturned that ruling a little more than ten years later.

This comes after Kim Davis, a Kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, was released after her office started issuing licenses in her absence.

Huckabee, discussing Davis’ case with the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, said that the Governor of Kentucky could honor Davis’ wish to have her name removed from marriage licenses.

“The governor can fix this very simply by simply saying he’ll change the form,” Huckabee said. “Now the question is, does he have the authority to do that? And if so, under what authority?”

Yet according to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s lawyers it is not that simple and the changes would need to be approved by state legislators.

“This is where this all gets very confusing, and it’s why the haste to rush into implementing same-sex marriage is so ridiculous,” Huckabee said. “Frankly, Tony, it’s why it’s so illegal, is because this has left the whole country in a state of ambiguity and confusion.”

Yet, it doesn’t seem the whole country is confused about this ruling. Only closed-minded Christian bigots who refuse to accept the ruling appear to be confused.

Huckabee, of course, praised Davis as a hero, not the criminal she is for ignoring the federal law and refusing to follow court orders. He believes  Davis’ job is to uphold the constitution she was elected on and is not required to follow any changes to the laws.

“When she was elected to that position, she was operating under the Kentucky constitution that expressly says that marriage is between a man and a woman,” Huckabee argued. “So that’s what she was elected on, that is the job she is doing, and there is a specific statute in Kentucky law that if she just arbitrarily changes the wording of the marriage license, that’s a felony.”

Huckabee has suggested that Christians have a right to break laws they do not agree with and decided to go with the lunatic GOP talking point of calling the Supreme Court tyrannical.

“So here’s the question: Which law does she follow?” Huckabee questioned. “The ambiguous and unconstitutional judicial tyranny ruling of the Supreme Court that has not yet been codified? Or does she follow the specific constitutional and statutory requirements under Kentucky law, under which she was elected?”

Where exactly was Huckabee screaming tyranny when the courts ruled in the GOP’s favor on Citizens United? Or how about when they elected George W. Bush to the White House?

Tyranny has a new meaning for the Christian right, and it is simply any law they decide to ignore.

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