San Diego Creation Museum denied membership to Museum Council and Ken Ham isn’t happy

San Diego Creation Museum denied membership to Museum Council and Ken Ham isn’t happy September 23, 2015


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For the second time in two years, the Santee-based Creation Museum (right outside San Diego, CA) was denied membership to the San Diego Museum Council.

Membership includes perks like marketing support, exposure along with other museums in the city and unspecified training.

In 2013, the Creation Museum was denied membership because of the condition of the live animal exhibits. “We jumped through all their hoops,” Creation Museum president Tom Cantor said of the changes they worked to make.

After re-applying, the new application was again denied.

Of course, Cantor believes this is religious persecution.

“We didn’t get the majority of votes, which to me confirms the underlying cause which we suspected all along, which is prejudice against creation as an explanation for origins,” Cantor said.

Council board president Kerri Fox said the museum met the requirements to apply again but failed to get the 21 majority votes it needed to be included in the council.

“I can’t give specific reasons, I’m not in a position to speak on behalf of any individual museum as to how or why they voted or what their reasons were,” Fox said. “I can just share that as a group the San Diego Museum Council did not vote to admit them.”

Perhaps the other museums such as the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park felt that a museum is more than a mythological shrine to biblical creation and should instead act as a museum should and offer exhibits that educate visitors.

“Whatever the case may be with the San Diego creationist museum, we often see prejudice against creationists in academic circles simply because we promote a different view of origins than what is commonly believed—and even back it up with solid scientific research. Most evolutionists simply don’t want other views being expressed because they don’t want people being exposed to the truth about origins,” wrote Ken Ham, CEO of the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

Ham, of course, believes this is based on fear. Ham has created this idea in his head that scientists are afraid of people being exposed to creationism.

He is right, though, we do fear people being exposed to creationism because we fear the ultimate dumbing down of society. We fear kids being indoctrinated with such nonsense and screwing up their hopes of a future in which they understand science and instead view the world through the ignorant lenses of young earth creationists.

The Santee museum was denied membership and it has no business being a member anyway. It is not a museum and it never will be.

[Image: Thomas Essel for Danthropology / Creation Museum]

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