Ben Carson is not serious about running for president, but he is serious about selling books

Ben Carson is not serious about running for president, but he is serious about selling books October 16, 2015


Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is taking another break from the 2016 campaign trail to go on a book tour.

According to ABC News:

Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson has put his public campaign events on hold for two more weeks to go on book tour for his new tome “A More Perfect Union” and catch up on fundraising events.

The campaign has been careful to separate campaign events and the book tour, and doesn’t want to classify the tour as related to the campaign in any way.

This week he is catching up on fundraising events and will be back on his book tour next week making stops in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. So for the next two weeks, Carson won’t be appearing at any public “campaign events.”

Taking a break from a presidential campaign? That’s unheard of unless you are not serious about actually running.

As noted on Mother Jones, “He hasn’t held a campaign event since October 2, and he won’t hold another until October 28.”

This tells me that Carson is not actually serious about his bid for the White House as he probably is aware that he is amazingly unqualified and really doesn’t stand a chance against actual politicians in this race. So instead of drop out, he is going to use his rising fame to sell books.

While his polling numbers are rising and many think he may have a real shot, leaving the campaign trail to sell books leads me to believe Carson does not feel the same way.

[Image: Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons]

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