Bill Nye urges students to work together to tackle climate change

Bill Nye urges students to work together to tackle climate change October 31, 2015

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Bill Nye said in a speech at the University of Tennessee that he wants to see millennials be the next great generation and work together to do something about climate change.

“I want millennials, the people in the audience today, to be the next great generation,” Nye said.

Just like the Greatest Generation of World War II worked together, Nye said current college students can eliminate climate change.

“If we all get together, we can solve this problem in a couple of decades,” he said.

He said denying climate change is not “in our best interest” and affirmed that policy changes can, in fact, decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

“We need students to change the world,” he said.

The speech was riddled with Nye’s trademark humor and using a simplified version of the problem to make science more accessible to those in the audience. He reminded students that these issues matter deeply because “we live here.”

In his closing, he urged the students to never stop exploring.

“With your brains, you can dare I say it,” he continued, with a comically deep voice, “change the world.”

[Image: Video screen capture]

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