ISIS is forcing ‘pregnant Yazidi women to have abortions’

ISIS is forcing ‘pregnant Yazidi women to have abortions’ October 6, 2015


According to a report by CNN, ISIS forced captured sex slaves to have abortions. Three girls who escaped their captures told CNN that already pregnant slaves were forced to have abortions before being used for sex.

One of the captured told her story to CNN:

Bushra, 21, says she witnessed two doctors invasively examine girls to find out if they were already pregnant. Those found to be expecting were forced to abort their babies.

“One of my friends was pregnant,” Bushra recalls. “Her child was about three months in the womb. They took her into another room. There were two doctors and they did the abortion.

Bushra continued, saying that when she asked the girl about what happened and how they did it, that she was told by doctors not to say anything.

She told reports that after that, the pregnant women were moved to different houses and then ISIS soldiers told the girls they needed to give up being Yazidi and would be marrying Muslim men.

“They told us, ‘Give up your family, give up that you are Yazidi — you are now Muslims. We are going to marry you; each fighter will have one of you,'” Bushra said.

The girls were then inspected by the soldiers, many 16 years-old and some younger. Soldiers inspected their breasts, bellies, and teeth before deciding which one they would marry. If a girl refused, the was given no choice and forced into the marriage.

Noor, a 22-year-old captive said when she was picked she was forced to have sex with her capturer two days later and he passed her on to 11 other men.

The CNN report states that “ISIS claims the Quran justifies taking non-Muslim women and girls captive, and permits their rape — a claim vociferously denied by Islamic scholars.”

While Islamic scholars debate this until they are blue in the face, the fact is, ISIS is using the Quran as justification for their actions. While those such as Glenn Greenwald and Reza Aslan will defend Islam and claim it has nothing to do with ISIS, the facts are simple.

You cannot blame this brutality on American imperialism, which is a problem in its own right and is responsible for its own portion of the mess in the Middle East. We must also realize that Islam as a belief system also has its own blame in this.

When a group like ISIS can use such texts to brutalize children and women in such a way, we must act. We cannot fight to defend a religion that has earned no respect. If ISIS tells me they are Islamic and following Islamic orders, I have no choice but to take them at their word when they can cite verses to justify such actions.

Islamic reformers such as Ayaan Hirisi Ali understands that Muslims are often the biggest targets of Islamic extremism, and Islam must be drastically reformed in order to exist peacefully in the 21st century, stories like this remind us of the same brutality placed upon non-Muslims in Middle East countries as well.

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