Catholic group says you can’t blame pro-life violence on their violent rhetoric

Catholic group says you can’t blame pro-life violence on their violent rhetoric November 30, 2015


A piece on today written by apologist Trent Horn calls out many of the people, including myself who places part of the blame for Robert Lewis Dear’s actions, in shooting and killing people inside a Colorado Planned Parenthood last week, on the pro-life movement’s rhetoric and their ongoing usage of doctored videos to claim that the women’s health clinic is selling body parts.

Horn, of course, finds no fault in his or other pro-life advocate’s actions. He writes, “Even though mainstream pro-life organizations (as well as myself) have publicly condemned this act of violence, that hasn’t stopped pro-choice advocates from trying to blame pro-lifers for what happened.”

Yet this condemnation comes with a massive “but” at the end. Horn actually places blame on those who support women’s rights and abortion rights, forgetting which side has a long-standing history of violence and murder.

“[…] unlike pro-choice advocates, pro-lifers condemn unjust violence against all human beings, born and unborn. If only those who protest violence committed against abortion providers would be equally willing to condemn the violence that takes place against children within abortion facilities,” he writes.

So he calls abortion violent, alludes to those who provide abortion as being violent, and then is surprised when someone takes action to stop this so-called violence?

Horn wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to scream “MURDERER” at these doctors and then act shocked when someone on his side treats them like murderers.

Horn even attempts to defend the well documented fake videos against Planned Parenthood as a fact in his piece, something I have condemned on this blog, but Horn thinks is perfectly reasonable and wants to ignore the fact that Dear referenced this videos when picked up by the police.

Horn wants to provide the violent rhetoric and use violent wording but wants to wash his hands clean of violent actions carried out in its name.

The pro-life movement as a whole has blood on its hands until they stop using violent rhetoric and blatant lies as propaganda to stop abortions, and indeed until the stop condemning violence with a massive “but” on the end.

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