Kentucky’s Governor-elect supports funding the Ark Encounter

Kentucky’s Governor-elect supports funding the Ark Encounter November 4, 2015


Last night, contradictory to every poll out there, Tea-Party conservative Matt Bevin won the Kentucky gubernatorial election.

This is frightening on many levels for a state whose education system is in the toilet and needed heavy reform, but it is very scary for the Kentucky taxpayer who needs tax dollars sent to these schools, and other important statewide infrastructure but could instead find it sent to build a huge landlocked boat.

This is because governor-elect Bevin said during the campaign that he favors extending the state’s tourism tax credits to Christian organizations such as Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter.

“I favor the extension of these rebates because to do otherwise is discriminatory and flies in the face of protected 1st Amendment rights. Last time I checked, Christians’ jobs and money are just as critical in supporting our economy as any other dollars,” said Bevin.

Yes, Christian’s jobs and money are important, but they are still not eligible for tax credits to promote their religion on the taxpayer’s dollar.

While we wait to hear the court’s decision on the outcome of the trial, the future could hinge on Bevin overturning the state’s decision to withdraw the $18 million tax credit.

Thankfully, regardless of Bevin’s decision, those such as myself and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State will not roll over and allow the governor-elect or Ken Ham steal money from taxpayers.

[Image: Hsinghsarao / Creative Commons / Public Domain]

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