My interview on conservative talk radio about the Ark Encounter

My interview on conservative talk radio about the Ark Encounter November 12, 2015

Conservative talk show host sees no problem with a park that celebrates a genocidal massacre.

Photo: Answers in Genesis
Photo: Answers in Genesis

Today I was invited on 700wlw in Cincinnati to discuss the Ark Encounter just hours before the announcement of the park’s opening date.

The host seemed rather uninterested in speaking about the project but allowed me to explain quickly why I opposed the tax credit and am not interested in visiting the park.

I mentioned that I found it odd that someone would build a park dedicated to a (mythical) genocidal act that killed thousands, if not millions of people.

Host Scott Sloan replied with, “well I think we did pretty good after.” Implying that the genocide was not so bad because the human race is doing so well now.

Sure, but we are also doing pretty well after the Holocaust, but I don’t think anyone wants to build a theme park around the atrocity.

Sloan ended the conversation saying, “everyone won,” meaning that we had successfully removed the tax credit, but Ham was still able to raise the funds needed to build the ark.

Our call stopped there, but I wanted to interject that not everyone won. Secularism and the Kentucky taxpayers won, but on the other side, only Ken Ham and his ilk won. Why? Because we forget about who loses here.

The children. Children who will be dragged to this park by their parents and have this nonsense shoved down their throats and told this is the truth.

So no, not everyone won.

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