Richard Dawkins says Ben Carson is a ‘disgrace’ as a doctor for promoting creationism

Richard Dawkins says Ben Carson is a ‘disgrace’ as a doctor for promoting creationism November 1, 2015


For the second time in two weeks, biologist Richard Dawkins took to American media to blast Republican presidential candidates for not accepting the theory of evolution.

“This fills me with despair,” Dawkins explained to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. “This is not something you believe in or not. I mean, this is a fact. It is a fact. It’s just as much of a fact as the Earth goes around the Sun. You can’t not believe it unless you’re ignorant.”

Dawkins added that he didn’t believe all Republicans were this ignorant and suggested some may be pandering to an ignorant voter base.

“I believe what they’re doing is they think that they’ve got to say that in order to appeal to their constituency,” he observed. “And if that’s true, it’s deeply depressing.”

Dawkins added, however, that Ben Carson’s denial of evolution was the most troubling because he was a prominent neurosurgeon.

“You just told me all the Republican candidates except one don’t believe in evolution,” Dawkins said to Zakaria. “I mean, that’s a disgrace. But for a very senior eminent distinguished doctor as he is to say that is even worse. Because of course, evolution is the bedrock of biology and biology is the bedrock of medicine.”

“He clearly doesn’t understand the fundamental theorem of his own subject,” he continued. “That is a terrible indictment.”

“It is a form of arrogance to say we know what God does. The only way to know anything is by looking at the evidence. In this particular case, the evidence is overwhelming… In the case of evolution, there is no doubt. It is a fact.”

You can watch the video below courtesy of CNN and Raw Story.

[Image: CNN video screen capture]

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