Bill Nye’s wishlist for saving the planet

Bill Nye’s wishlist for saving the planet December 11, 2015

The science guy himself, Bill Nye, stopped by Rolling Stone to discuss his wishlist for the Paris Climate talks. Political leaders are finishing up their meeting in Paris to discuss tackling climate issues globally instead of locally. Though critics don’t believe much real change can come from such meetings, others remain hopefully some meaningful changes can be made and agreements reached.

When asked what the number one thing he would like to see accomplished by the end of the talks, Nye said:

“By 2050, 100 percent renewable all over the world – we would not be making any more carbon dioxide or methane,” he continued. “We would have clean water for everyone on Earth, we would have reliable electricity for everyone on Earth, and we’d have a means to take carbon out of the air.”

Nye is currently promoting his latest book, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World.

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