Fox News on gun control: teach kids to disarm shooters

Fox News on gun control: teach kids to disarm shooters December 8, 2015


The folks over at Fox and Friends have a solution to the increase in mass shootings around the U.S. and can also replace the gun control debate. Teach students how to disarm shooters, of course.

In a segment entitled “Self-defense moves your teens must know,” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed two Krav Maga experts, along with three high school-aged boys, about how the Israeli martial art helps them feel more empowered with the rise of school shootings.

The boys demonstrated a method of disarming a shooter to which Hasselbeck asked for clarification: “Do you keep running once you do that? Or do you fight, kick and try to get this guy down?”

“Once you engage the gunman, you have to take him out,” said Krav Maga master instructor Soke Tony Morrison. “You’re not going to try and get away until you’ve done some damage to him, because if you don’t, he’ll just pursue you.”

I cannot think of worse advice to give students who could face a school shooter. This kind of nonsense being taught on Fox could very well get students killed if ever put in such a situation. This can be coupled together with bulletproof blankets and backpacks. These are not solutions to Americans gun problem, they are band-aids to pretend like we don’t have one.

If a child finds his or herself in a situation with an active shooter, I want them to get away as fast as they can, run or hide, but do not try to engage the shooter and disarm them.

[Image: Fox News screen capture]

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