LGBT Festivus pole destroyed in Washington State

LGBT Festivus pole destroyed in Washington State December 24, 2015


Nothing brings out the worst in people quite like the holidays.

On December 21, the Humanity Fund sponsored a Festivus Pole for display outside the Capitol Building in Olympia, Washington. The pole, which celebrated LGBTQ pride, was placed on the lawn of the Capitol next to a nativity display and a Freedom from Religion Foundation banner.

According to Robert Ray, Humanity Fund’s representative in Washington state, “We had a small ceremony and left feeling good about what we had done.  We made our statement about the separation of church and state along with supporting equal rights.”

Two days later, Ray received notice that someone had destroyed the Festivus pole beyond repair. “I see this as a hate crime perpetrated by intolerant people who refuse to recognize the validity of a different view,” said Ray. The FFRF banner was left unscathed, raising suspicions that the Festivus pole was vandalized because of its pro-LGBTQ message.

Undoubtedly, the criminal who destroyed the property of the Humanity Fund is, as their Executive Director Chaz Stephens says, a “narrow-minded bigot.”

Anything that threatens Christian domination of the holiday season is bound to be the target of hate and retaliation. Apparently the vandals forgot that whole “turn the other cheek” thing. So much for keeping Christ in Christmas.

[Image: Robert Ray]

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