Why is the husband of a 9/11 hero being praised for his transphobic bigotry?

Why is the husband of a 9/11 hero being praised for his transphobic bigotry? December 10, 2015


In the wake of 9/11 Glamour Magazine awarded their Woman of the Year Award to NYPD officer Moira Smith who lost her life saving countless individuals before the collapse of the second World Trade Center Tower.

Fast forward to 2015 and it is time for Glamour to pick their new Woman of the Year and they chose Caitlyn Jenner. A controversial decision to some, but one that makes sense for a magazine like Glamour. Jenner’s transition has been a national headline most of the year and her coming out as transgender really did change the conversation we had as a nation about how we treat and view trans men and women in our society.

But for the husband of officer Smith, this was not okay and he decided to return his wife’s award. According to ITV:

In an open letter posted to Facebook, James Smith – also an NYPD officer – said he found it “insulting” to the memory of his wife that transgender Jenner, 66, had been given the award, calling it a “slap in the face”.

I wonder if James would have turned down a Time Magazine Person of the Year Award because Adolf Hitler once won it? Unlikely, but because, and he goes out of his way to mention it, a “transgender” won it, it is a “slap in the face.”

Patheos’ own resident persecuted Christian, Nancy French had something to add as well on her blog:

Why have we reduced heroism down to what gender someone choses [sic] to be?  Shouldn’t the word mean so much more than anything to do with sex or gender?

Which makes me wonder if French lacks reading skills because it is not called the hero of the year award, but the Woman of the Year.

Smith didn’t turn down the award in 2003 when Brittany Spears won it, or in 2013 when Lady Gaga won it. No, he turned it down only after a transgender woman won it.

Moira is a hero and she lost her life a hero, sadly her husband’s bigotry is going to help people forget that, and the bigoted Christian Right is going to praise him for it.

The irony is, this bigotry, the treatment being shown to Caitlyn Jenner is exactly why she is receiving this award.

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