You can’t deny Christian terrorism exists and claim Islamic terrorism does

You can’t deny Christian terrorism exists and claim Islamic terrorism does December 1, 2015

Nancy and David French, from Patheos and National Review respectively, have taken issue with my usage of the phrase “Christian terrorism” when describing not only Robert Dear, the Planned Parenthood shooter from Colorado last week, but the ongoing terrorism caused by Christians around the U.S.

The Frenches deny that there is a growing populace in the U.S. of homegrown Christian extremism and instead accuse me and other “radical leftists” of ignoring jihadists.

David writes in NR:

“excluding from the death toll the almost 3,000 Americans who died on 9/11 and the nearly 7,000 Americans killed — not to mention the more than 52,000 Americans wounded — at the hands of radical Islamists overseas.”

And continues:

“The pro-life movement consists of millions of Americans who fiercely oppose abortion through peaceful speech and protest, and a tiny, evil minority of those who resort to violence. Though the abortion debate is a matter of life and death for hundreds of thousands of innocent children a year, since 9/11 exactly one abortion provider has been murdered, and two clinics have been bombed. That’s hardly a crime wave…”

Yet, as I outlined in my first post:

Since September 11, 2001, there have been at least 13 attacks against abortion clinics in the US by Christian terrorists, while only 5 attacks linked to Islamic extremism.

And my 13 attacks against clinics is actually the lowest estimate that excludes attacks that didn’t register on the major media scale. Hundreds of attacks are reported on women’s health clinics.

From here, Nancy French turns from even trying to be factual to outright lying:

It’s weird how liberals will say that conservative rhetoric causes violence, while “leftist rhetoric” is just a spirited debate.

(Need proof?  They never vilify the #BlackLivesMatter crowd for inciting violence against the police, even though some of them actually do use violent language and perpetrate violent acts.  Additionally, do they ever blame eco-terrorism on Al Gore?)

Let’s break this down real quick. Pro-life rhetoric, as even used by the Frenches, includes claiming that abortion doctors are murderers and are killing hundreds of thousands of innocent children. Except these are not children. An abortion ends the possibility of a potential human, but not a human. We have term limits on abortion for reasons, and those reasons are based on viability. Before a fetus is viable to live on its own, it only has the potential to reach such a peak and very likely will naturally abort.

But instead, the movement calls these doctors murderers of children, then pretends to be shocked when someone treats them as such. This is not something you see from the pro-choice or “leftist” movement. In fact, there is a reason the Frenches fail to provide any real example of this. They try, but as you will see, they fail.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has taken a great deal of effort to oppose violence against officers, contrary to the Frenches’ claim, as pointed out by Vox:

It’s entirely possible to simultaneously want to reduce police shootings and want to keep police officers safe. Black Lives Matter activists have proposed at least 10 policies that aim to hold law enforcement accountable without putting them in harm’s way, ranging from ending aggressive low-level policing and instituting better police training to limiting standards for use of force and equipping cops with body cameras.

David then continues saying that leftists “take their eyes off the real threat to our security — a rapidly growing mass movement that is wholly and completely dedicated to violence. Our real worry shouldn’t be an alienated teenager with a Confederate flag or an angry hermit who hates the government. It should be the fully mobilized jihadist armies controlling nation-sized chunks of territory, the entire governments dedicated to the spread of jihad and seeking nuclear weapons, and their tens of millions of supporters and sympathizers. These are the evil fanatics who have killed and maimed thousands of Americans, and aim to kill thousands more. They continue to show us what a true terror threat looks like, but too many of us still refuse to look.”

So David brushes aside Christian terrorism as “lone wolfs” and claims it doesn’t exist, but then says Islamic terrorism does. You cannot have it both ways.

But I should be more afraid of the white Confederate flag-waving Christian because in the United States, as I mentioned specifically in my post, are far more dangerous and take far more lives on the average.

The Frenches’ xenophobic rant might hold more weight if I lived in MENA, or was talking about global terrorism, but when it comes to homegrown, domestic terrorism within the U.S. borders, Christians are far scarier.

All the Frenches have attempted to do is deflect the conversation. Don’t look at our growing extremist population, look at theirs! While at the same time, dishonestly suggesting we have not been paying attention to the global rise of Islamic jihadism. Have a look around the Patheos Atheist channel and try to see if that argument holds any weight.

Spoiler alert – it doesn’t.


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