Ben Carson asks Christians to change Facebook photo and ‘take a stand’

Ben Carson asks Christians to change Facebook photo and ‘take a stand’ January 19, 2016

What a hero Ben Carson is… or isn’t.

The one-time frontrunner for Republican presidential nominee, who has become a distant speck in the rearview mirror is asking Christians to “take a stand” against liberals and update their Facebook profiles to them holding signs that read “In God We Trust.”

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The laughable idea that the largest majority group in the nation is somehow being persecuted and that Christians would need to be somehow brave to join in such a movement shows just how disconnected the retired neurosurgeon is from reality.

Carson gained a few supporters on his Facebook with comments like “Carson cares about God and America. Obama cares more about his climate change cult than he does keeping Americans safe,” said one fan who also claimed that President Barack Obama‘s hates the Constitution, saying he had a “Marxist upbringing,” and that he “secretly supports” radical Islamic terrorism.

One supporter even said they wanted to vote for anyone who said they would let God run the country, “No offence at all to Dr. Carson, but I would literally vote for anyone who can prove to me he will pray (to the real God) before he makes decisions. That’s all we really need; a head of state who will put God above him in the chain of command, where he belongs.”

Others, however, did point out that Carson may need to brush up on his constitutional rights.

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