Bernie Sanders slams Hillary Clinton for lying about his health care plan

Bernie Sanders slams Hillary Clinton for lying about his health care plan January 17, 2016


During Sunday night’s Democratic debate Bernie Sanders slammed fellow candidate Hillary Clinton when she accused him of wanting to shred Obamacare and force the nation to start over on health care after only just winning the debate against Republicans.

“Universal health care is an idea that has been supported in the United States by Democratic presidents going back to Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman,” Sanders said in a statement. “It is time for our country to join every other major industrialized nation on earth and guarantee health care to all citizens as a right, not a privilege.”

Last week, Clinton’s daughter Chelsea went on the campaign trail to accuse Sanders of wishing to take away health care from millions of Americans, pretending not to understand what the universal part of universal health care means.

During the debate, Sanders stuck to the same talking points discussing how removing private insurance firms would mean lower health care costs across the board for all Americans and provide even more comprehensive coverage than is offered under the current Affordable Care Act that Sanders himself helped draft.

You can watch a video of the exchange below, courtesy The New Republic.

[Image: YouTube screen capture]

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