Boxer Manny Pacquiao says gay people are “worse than animals”

Boxer Manny Pacquiao says gay people are “worse than animals” February 16, 2016


Professional boxer and Phillipino senate candidate Manny Pacquiao decided to flaunt his homophobic bigotry and scientific ignorance all at the same time by claiming gay people are “worse than animals,” according to a report by the Associated Press.

“It’s just common sense,” Pacquiao said in an interview posted on the TV5 network website. “Have you seen any animal having male-to-male or female-to-female relations?”

He said animals were actually better because they understand gender differences and “if you have male-to-male or female-to-female [relationships], then people are worse than animals.”

I guess he has not heard of the more than 600 animals that have exhibited same-sex behavior.

Pacquiao’s comments immediately drew criticism, but the boxer took to Instagram to double down on his ignorance.

“I rather obey the Lord’s command than obeying the desires of the flesh. Im not condemning anyone, but I’m just telling the truth of what the Bible says. The truth from the Bible is what changed me from my old ways. 1 Corinthians 6:9 “[9] Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men.” God Bless everyone i love you all.”

It seems the further pressure became too much for the bigoted boxer and he later took to Facebook to issue one of the worst apologies ever written.

“I’m sorry for hurting people by comparing homosexuals to animals. Please forgive me for those I’ve hurt. I still stand on my belief that I’m against same-sex marriage because of what the Bible says, but I’m not condemning LGBT. I love you all with the love of the Lord. God bless you all and I’m praying for you.”

Which basically boils down to him saying he is sorry your feelings are hurt, but you’re a sinner and he needs to pray for you.

Got to love Pacquiao’s Christian values.


photo credit: #AIBAWorlds2015 Manny Pacquiao & Team Philippines via photopin (license)

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