Conservative radio host: Obama killed Scalia for Pagan human sacrafice

Conservative radio host: Obama killed Scalia for Pagan human sacrafice February 16, 2016

Conservative radio talk show host Rick Wiles had some pretty crazy things to say about the recent death of Antonin Scalia. Mainly that President Obama likely killed the Justice as part of a Pagan human sacrifice.

On his radio show TruNews, Wiles said that “Luciferian” “devil-worshipers” who control the government are out for blood.

He noted that Lupercalia is observed between February 13 and 15. Scalia’s body was discovered on the 13th. “There’s always human sacrifice involved,” he said, claiming that Scalia was “killed” to mark the beginning of pagan fascism ruling over the U.S.

“The 13th was the 44th day of 2016, Obama is the 44th president of the United States,” Wiles continued, “so you have this numerology thing taking place.”

He went on to claim that the pillow allegedly found on Scalia’s face was left as a sign telling others not to mess with them.

“The day the justice died, the day justice in America died,” he continued, “they got away with it.”

Wiles evidence? He has a “gut feeling” and he is pretty good at “sniffing out” crimes based on his gut. Rather underwhelming.

He even went as far to go KGB on the story and speculated that Scalia’s assassins must have put chloroform on the pillow and burned all of the evidence in his hotel room.

“Like the Soviet Union in Stalin’s day, it’s like any police state and now we’re in it,” Wiles said. He then speculated that he might be the next victim of Stalinist pagan assassination: “It was a message to everybody out there: ‘Don’t mess with us.’ That’s the message. And it’s a message to people like me.”

Conspiracy theorists have an amazing gift to find a conspiracy where none is needed. Scalia did not look like a man of great health and died of a heart attack. Had he not been the bigotry poster boy, no one would have thought twice about him dying.

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