Ken Ham says atheists are ripping off church likes the nones are ripping off marriage

Ken Ham says atheists are ripping off church likes the nones are ripping off marriage February 11, 2016


Answers in Genesis CEO and President Ken Ham is apparently not a fan of the Sunday Assembly.

In a blog post this week, the creationist said that the group of atheists is “ripping off” the church. Funny, I had no idea that churches owned the rights to people will like minded ideas gathering. Ham even went as far as to say the Sunday Assembly is its own form of religious dogma.

“This philosophy — that everyone can make their own decisions and that no one should be told what to believe or where to get their rules — is a form of religious dogma,” Ham wrote in the blog post.

“So, really, they aren’t avoiding what they say they are. They have a dogma designed to suit their own religion. But as the devil does so many times, he takes what God ordains and perverts it. These ‘nones’ have ripped off marriage (by promoting gay ‘marriage’) and now ‘ripped off the best stuff of church.'”

It’s a big stretch to say that the Sunday Assembly message of living happy and helpful lives is a dogma. As for ripping off the best parts of church events, even organizers can agree that’s kind of true.

“We like to say we ripped off the best stuff of church, but we do it without the religious dogma,” said Lena Riemersma, an organizer for the Grand Rapids chapter. “We will not tell you what to believe and what book to get your rules from. You are free to make your own decisions.”

I have written in the past about Sunday Assembly, I have attended a handful and also spoke at one myself. I have also said they are not particularly for me, I was never a fan of the church format or waking up early. I also said, however, that I understand the appeal for many people. A great sense of community they may have lost when they left the church, or simply being around people they enjoy and can discuss issues important to them. I understand people’s need for such a thing. This is why, even though I don’t regularly attend Sunday Assembly, I support the idea and support those who choose to go.

Again, churches do not own the right to community gatherings and by holding a secular gathering, you’re not replacing one dogma with another.

Ham, of course, thinks it’s all hypocritical. He thinks since atheists don’t have a God, they have no reason to be good people and must borrow from the Christian worldview to even do good deeds.

“It is also fascinating to note that they are concerned with the health of their members and have a desire to generously give of their time and resources to each other. But why do they even bother with this when they believe that at death a person ceases to exist?” Ham asked.

“It’s really illogical and inconsistent. These secularists actually have to borrow from the Christian worldview to be concerned about others.”

Why would Ham think we need to exist after death to do good deeds on Earth? It’s amazing that the only thing that makes Ham do something good –if he ever actually does– is the idea of an afterlife.

All this tells me is that Ken Ham is not actually a good person and needs to be persuaded with reward in order to even try.


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