Ted Cruz says he would name Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson as U.N. ambassador

Ted Cruz says he would name Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson as U.N. ambassador February 19, 2016


Presidential hopeful and potential Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz suggested in a speech Friday afternoon that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson would make a great U.N. ambassador.

“How much would you pay to see the Russian ambassador’s face when Phil says, ‘What is wrong with you people?'” Cruz said to an applauding crowd in South Carolina.

I can certainly imagine an all out war with Russia after that ignorant prick tries to talk politics with them.

Then Cruz, obviously ignoring that Robertson has called for the death of homosexuals, praised Robertson for his love of America.

“You know there’s a reason he terrifies the mainstream media. He says the things you’re not supposed to say,” Cruz said at Friday’s rally. “He actually remembers who we are as Americans and just speaks it with a joy, not with an anger, not with a hatred, with a joy in who we are.”

When did American politics become an outright joke? The entire Republican field is clowns and hacks who have no business speaking for a nation and have no business governing one.

Of course, Cruz’s comments, a jokingly as they were said, were met with applause because today’s conservative loves a homophobic, racist bigot who “speaks his mind” and believes the bible is more important than the constitution.


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

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