Video: Jeb Bush says there would be no religious litmus test in his administration

Video: Jeb Bush says there would be no religious litmus test in his administration February 3, 2016


American Atheists National Program Director, Nick Fish, is in New Hampshire speaking to presidential candidates as they gear up for the 2016 NH primary next Tuesday.

He was able to ask different candidates questions about faith and topics that pertain to atheist voters, part of American Atheists’ Atheist Voter campaign.

One surprising answer came from Republican Jeb Bush who seemingly wears his religion on his sleeve, but when asked by Fish how he felt about Ted Cruz saying that people of faith should not be allowed to hold the office of president, Bush said he did not agree. He said that whiel faith is very important to him, he would not hold anyone in his cabinet accountable to a religious litmus test.

Later in his speech he again acknowledged that not every American relies on prayer, saying that was okay.

While there is plenty to disagree with Bush about, it is refreshing to see at least one Republican candidate not trying to force everyone into a Christian theocracy. At least, not when confronted by an atheist.

You can see video of the exchange below:

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