Ken Ham: Being a creationist helps you be a better medical doctor

Ken Ham: Being a creationist helps you be a better medical doctor March 3, 2016

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In a blog post today that could be straight out of The Onion, creationist Ken Ham argues that being a creationist will make you a better medical doctor.

Apparently in his world, not knowing anything about biology makes a good doctor. Remind me not to see Ham’s doctor if I am ever sick.

Ham quotes in his blog his “long-time friend Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor who is now a full-time, dynamic speaker/writer with us at AiG, recently spoke with some of our staff about how his belief in God’s Word and biblical creation affected his practice as a medical doctor.”

Notice that the medical doctor he is quoting is not a practicing doctor? He is a full-time writer and speaker for Answers in Genesis. So apparently I can already guess how it affected his medical practice.

Anyway, “Dr.” Mitchell says:

“When people ask questions about abortion, euthanasia, or the sanctity of life, you can give sound answers about the life you’re talking about. People are made in the image of God, so their life has meaning and value because they are not just evolved animals.”

So this medical doctor is giving out advice based on the bible and not medical science, and also thinks there is no value in life unless there is a creator? Yikes.

He continues:

“Most of my colleagues were evolutionists, and they always think I’m accusing them of not caring, which is not the case at all, because doctors do care. The thing is that you can’t give a basis for that care if evolution and survival of the fittest is true, because, really, why should we help the sick and infirm?”

Here we establish that this medical professional is so ignorant of biology he doesn’t even understand evolution by natural selection and calls it survival of the fittest without even bothering to understand what that term means.

He closes with the suggestion that you basically need to lie and tell kids God is real to provide them comfort:

“Why is there death and suffering? Well, if you’re an evolutionist, you really don’t have an answer to that question because death and suffering have been here since the beginning. They are almost required. It’s almost like “it’s tough, but that’s the way things are.” That’s not a great or comforting answer when your child has leukemia. But if you start with God’s Word, you have a more consistent understanding because you have a firm foundation of the true history of God’s Word to start with.”

No, thank you. I would much rather a doctor who understood high school biology and didn’t lie to me to make me feel better. I would also want a doctor who valued THIS life more than anything else and didn’t comfort me with some sweet dream about death and instead knew my life on earth was worth fighting for because it’s the only life I get.

Dr. Mitchell has no business practicing medicine and I for one am thankful he is wasting his time at AiG and no longer lying and potentially harming patients.

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