Bill Nye is not debating Sarah Palin on climate change

Bill Nye is not debating Sarah Palin on climate change April 12, 2016
photo credit: Bill Nye | 2 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Bill Nye | 2 via photopin (license)

Yesterday, a story stating that science communicator Bill Nye had agreed to debate former Alaskan governor and failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the issue of climate change.

The story sounded legit and started making its rounds on social media, many cheering on Nye for what he was about to do to Palin. But alas, thankfully, the story is not true.

Tracy Moody, a writer over at Friendly Atheist puts the rumor to rest:

The alleged debate is said to be taking place after the debut screening of Climate Hustle, a documentary by Marc Morano, a climate change denier who notably has his hands in several conservative think tank groups that receive funding from the Koch Brothers, Exxon, and others who stand to lose over carbon regulation.

The announcement says there will be a panel discussion after the film and will feature a special guest appearance by Nye.

Of course, this is “special appearance” as Moody highlights, is misleading, much like all other climate change denier comments.

This “special appearance” by Bill Nye will be not-so-special since it’s actually just a reel of film, recorded from a conversation Nye and Morano had face to face on a park bench in late March. The discussion happened between the two over the topic of Morano’s film, which Nye was shown clips of during the encounter.

Morano is trying to grow interest in his film, a film no one really wants to see because the majority of people in this world understand that climate change is not a conspiracy theory. By lying to potential attendees, Morano is setting the expectation that Nye will appear. This tactic is likely supposed to help bring in those who accept climate change and either change their mind or at least profit off their ticket sale.

Either way, Morano is a dishonest hack and this rumor needs to be put to rest once and for all.

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