Newspaper reveals hilarious ‘facts’ you will find at a creation museum

Newspaper reveals hilarious ‘facts’ you will find at a creation museum April 29, 2016

Image: Amy Watts / Creative Commons
A reporter for the Great Falls Tribune, a Montana-based newspaper, sent a reporter to a local creationist museum, The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, founded by Otis Kline.

The expose found that upon entering the museum, guests are informed that:

•The Bible is an accurate, literal history of the world. The world is about 6,000-6,400 years old and a six-day divine creation.
•The flood of the Bible’s book of Genesis, the Noah’s Ark flood, split the continents apart with water called from the deep and set off a worldwide cataclysm that buried the creatures that would become fossils in one mass event. The long flood, ensuing volcanic eruptions and an ice age radically changed the planet.
•Dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time. Dinosaurs were on the ark.
•Life can not be traced back as branches to a trunk. God created “kinds,” like dog kind from whence sprung dogs, wolves, coyotes. Humans and primates don’t come from the same “kind.” Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon and humans are all of “humankind,” which came from Adam and Eve.

When it comes to discrediting evolution, the museum hinges a lot on their biggest exhibit, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, nicknamed Stan.

“Evolutionists look at Stan and say he’s 45 years old (when he died),” Kline said. “I look at Stan and say maybe 450 years old. That could account for the size of Stan.”

Now, most scientists would throw up a red flag immediately, and understand that there is no evidence of dinosaur lifespans that long. Yet, when the reporter asked a tour guide, Robert Canen if he thought he could be wrong, he said, “I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, and that’s something science and this whole field could use more of.”

“We think the evidence fits what the Bible says,” he continued. “You don’t have to be afraid to dig up dino bones.”

They also boast a Noah’s Ark exhibit and says the most common question is whether Noah brought dinosaurs on the ark.

“People ask, did he take dinosaurs? Yes,” Canen said. “You could take a juvenile with the genetic capacity to be all dinosaurs.”

The museum, of course, rejects the scientists who do not believe in the bible, calling them “lazy thinkers,” and called the museum “cutting edge” for its new scientific dating methods it uses instead of radiometric dating, which Canen rejects.



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