17-year-old girl died in Egypt during genital mutilation surgery

17-year-old girl died in Egypt during genital mutilation surgery May 31, 2016

Mayar Mohammad, a 17-year-old girl from Egypt is dead as a result of severe bleeding as the result of a female genital mutilation (FGM) operation that was being performed on her in a private Egyptian hospital.

Egypt banned FGM in 2007, however, the practice is still common as 48% of girls in the country are still forced to undergo the operation. The practice is most prominent in Islamic households.

And while the practice is illegal, it is still incredibly cheap to have done. “Doctors ask between $1 and $15 to do it (FGM) because there is a high demand and a constant flow of cash. The economic aspect – it is really important, and it can be stopped only by enforcing the law,” said Abdul Abdelaty, a human rights lawyer.

A Friend of the child blamed the mother for forcing her daughter to undergo the procedure.

“Mayar died due to ignorance and backwardness of her mother, who regarded her daughter as guilty only because she was created a female,” Rawan Al Jamal, said in a Facebook post.

When atheists talk about Islam, it goes a lot deeper than terrorism in the traditional sense. These practices terrorize girls around the globe and they have real consequences. Islam, like all religion, is a disease attacking the human race and those infected will bring themselves to subject even their own daughters to a horrific crime such as FGM.

Egypt wants to eradicate the practice by 2030, and so-called scholars like Reza Aslan claim the practice is only cultural and has nothing to do with Islam.

Yet, the truth is, until we finally recognize that Islam plays a leading role in these horrific actions, nothing will change.

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