Instead of feeding the homeless Ken Ham uses donor money to sponsor a racecar

Instead of feeding the homeless Ken Ham uses donor money to sponsor a racecar May 28, 2016

Ark Encounter, LLC
Ark Encounter, LLC
Creationist Ken Ham has already said he believes building the Ark Encounter is more important than feeding the homeless.

And to prove just how much of a callous asshat he really is, he has decided to use his tax-exempt donations to buy some ad space on the side of an Indy 500 car. That will show those homeless to be all needy!

“Sponsoring an Indy car driver is one of many exciting marketing strategies we’ve implemented for the Ark Encounter over the past several months,” Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham wrote on his blog Friday. “Others include radio spots and TV ads – you’ve probably heard or seen them. We’re looking to get the word out about the July 7 opening of the life-size Ark.”

The car will be driven by Conor Daly, who will be starting in 24th place in the Indianapolis 500, will sadly be starting last intellectually. Daly was able to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum while in the area.

“I thought it was fantastic. I’m actually ashamed of my parents that they didn’t bring me there early,” Daly joked explaining he attended a Christian school growing up. “Such great information, such a great opportunity to learn more, more about things we think we might know, but there’s always more to know.”

I guess it doesn’t take a lot of brains to drive in circles 200 times.

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