Ken Ham invited Bill Nye for a private tour of the Ark Encounter

Ken Ham invited Bill Nye for a private tour of the Ark Encounter May 24, 2016

Image: YouTube screen capture
Image: YouTube screen capture

Creationist Ken Ham has extended an invitation to Bill Nye to join him for a private tour of the Ark Encounter ahead of the opening date of the park.

“I want to publicly invite Bill Nye to come visit the Ark, I want to show him personally, or just show him where the entrance is, and let him go on his own, whatever he wants to do,” Ham said in a Facebook video posted on Monday.


“I’d be thrilled to be able to show Bill Nye through the Ark, and so I’ll be interested to know if people out there think Bill Nye will take up my invitation. I hope that he does,” he added.

Ham also took the time to try to build a friendship between the two.

“Please don’t be my nemesis, please let’s be friends,” the creationist said.

“We have different worldviews, and you know it’s interesting, in the Bible it says ‘faithful are the wounds of a friend.’ And so I’m gonna challenge Bill Nye’s evolutionary worldview, but as friends we can do that — he can challenge me, and I can challenge him. But we can still be friends, even though we have totally different worldviews.”

This was in response to an interview in which Nye said that “I’ll be Ken’s nemesis if that’s what he wants.”

The comment came after Nye said that Ham should not be influencing the mind of children with his creationist myths.

“You can believe whatever you want, but the Earth is not 6,000 years old, and we’re not gonna teach that in science class. Evidence for evolution is overwhelming,” he said. “He [Ham] can run around influencing all the adults that he wants, but the kids would be scientifically illiterate.”


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