Republicans vote down spending bill because it included banning LGBTQ discrimination

Republicans vote down spending bill because it included banning LGBTQ discrimination May 27, 2016

Republicans hate the LGBTQ community and are consistently fighting to make it legal across the country to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals under the guise of “religious freedom.”

This is more apparent than ever as the GOP have voted down their own spending bill because of a bipartisan amendment that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation.

”I could not, in good conscience, vote for the appropriations bill with this damaging amendment included,” Representative Diane Black, Republican of Tennessee, told the New York Times. Black called the anti-discrimination amendment a threat to religious liberty.

Speaker Paul Ryan blamed Democrats for the bill’s failure, ignoring the fact the anti-discrimination amendment was bipartisan. 43 Republicans joined Democrats in supporting the language.

“They were looking to sabotage the appropriations process,” Ryan told reporters. “The fact that the author of the amendments that prevailed then turned around and voted against the bill containing his amendment tells us they’re trying to stop the appropriations process in its tracks.”

However, the House Democrats didn’t oppose because of the added language saying they had many other reasons for opposing the bill. They wanted the language included in case it passed, but did not necessarily say they would support the spending bill simply because the amendment was included.

Now, as expected, the GOP is threatening another government shutdown because they cannot ever get work done without threatening to destroy the government first.

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