Florida governor refuses to acknowledge LGBTQ community was the target of Orlando shooting

Florida governor refuses to acknowledge LGBTQ community was the target of Orlando shooting June 12, 2016

During an interview with CNN, Florida governor Rick Scott refused to mention the LGBTQ community as the target of Sunday morning’s attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

CNN host Jake Tapper said that the LGBT community “appears to have been directly targeted in this attack.”

“There are a lot of members of that community and supporting friends and family who are very worried,” Tapper explained. “Obviously, if this was radical Islam, which the special agent in charge of the FBI suggested it may have been, that is a community that has been under siege from radical Islam.”

“Are you taking any special precautions,” the CNN host wondered, “especially during Pride month, but also in Florida, which is known as being hospitable to the gay and lesbian community, to make sure that community is protected?”

Yet, Scott wouldn’t mention the LGBTQ community or admit they were the target of the early morning attack.

“We don’t want anybody in our state to ever be targeted,” he insisted. “We don’t want anybody to be discriminated against. And so in every case, when we believe there is somebody doing the wrong thing, we work hard to make sure we take care of them.”

“And so what we’ll — you know, as we go through this process, what we’ll learn through this, is we’ll learn what we can do to hopefully to never, never, ever to let this happen again,” the governor added.

When pressured further about the safety of those attending pride festivities over the remainder of the weekend all around the state, Scott only said, “We have really good law enforcement in our state. And when something like this happens, one of the first things you do on top of dealing with the issue you have at hand, is say, ‘Who else could this impact and what can we do to make sure that does not happen?’”

Perhaps something like admitting that LGBTQ people were the target and could potentially be at risk for further attacks? How about saying you will increase security and do everything in your power to make sure this vulnerable and at-risk community is safe and won’t suffer another horrible attack like the same one it just did that same morning.

No, instead, the empty-headed Tea Party mouthpiece will refuse to acknowledge those lost and when asked what America can do to help, instead of suggesting the give blood or give money, he told CNN “Just pray.”

“Pray for the victims, pray for their families, pray that this never happens again,” Scott said.

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