Op-Ed claims that the Ark Encounter makes America look ignorant

Op-Ed claims that the Ark Encounter makes America look ignorant June 1, 2016

Image: Ark Encounter
Image: Ark Encounter

Carlos Ramirez, a sophomore in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University, penned an op-ed for Cincinnati.com Wednesday that makes the bold, and correct claim that the Ark Encounter, Ken Ham’s monstrosity of a landlocked boat, makes not only Kentucky but America as a whole look ignorant.

Ramirez acknowledges that Ham is correct when he says that visitors to the park will be left in awe at the sight of the massive ship, but asks, “is this feeling enough to make this biblical tale historically accurate?”

Of course, it’s not.

The Ark, Ramirez points out, will continue to spread the myth that Ham uses the Creationism Museum for, to argue for a young-earth, less than 6,000 years old and that human beings did not evolve, but instead were created by the biblical God and that a great flood once wiped every living creature off the planet except those stowed away in the Noah’s ark.

“When the United States is already lagging behind many prominent nations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the creation of the ark can only be detrimental to our nation’s standing because of the false information it presents,” wrote Ramirez.

It is in the last sentence that Ramirez really brings it home:

As a society, it is necessary to question the creation of this ark instead of defaulting to tolerate its existence. When state taxes are paying for an institution that preaches false information threatening our understanding of the natural world, it is necessary to decide the extent of our toleration. It is in our best interest as a society to disallow the existence of institutions such as this and collectively decide to not tolerate ignorance of the natural world.

We are continuously told that Ham has a “right” to build the ark, but that right should not be led through tolerance. We should oppose the construction on every single level, including the level in which taxpayer money is funding it, but we must also vocally oppose the damage it can do to the children who will be exposed to this park and told, untruthfully, that Noah’s Ark is a true story.

Ramirez, in my opinion, sounds like a bright young student and a welcome addition to the fight for upholding secularism, and especially secularism in education.

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