Please help support the work I am doing through this site

Please help support the work I am doing through this site June 14, 2016

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You may have noticed on the right-hand sidebar a link to the blogs Patreon account. With Patreon, supporters can choose a monthly donation amount to help support the blog.

Why do I need support?

Since the blogs launch in August of 2014, it has grown from a personal blog to a growing network of some of my favorite writers and voices in the movement today. I want to continue to expand what we can accomplish as a team and I am asking for your help to achieve those goals.

Everyone who writes for Danthropology pours their hearts into this work and we believe it is meaningful. With your help, I believe we can accomplish more.

I also think the message through this site can do more nationwide. That is why I want to have a little more freedom to bring my posts to other outlets such as Huffington Post and other mainstream media sites that may not pay well, or at all for these kinds of stories. Yet, I believe they are important enough to spread to markets outside of the atheist community.

Stories about secularism, church and state separation, humanist values, and all around doing good without god, should be spread as far as we can, and with your help, I believe we can accomplish that.

If you can help, you just need to go here and commit to donating a monthly amount that works for you, starting as low as $1. I have rewards set up for people who donate as a personal thank you for your support.

With this money, I plan to continue to expand our outreach and activism and find new mediums to reach others and help spread secular ideas and promote the separation of church and state, as well as offer our unique voices on issues happening around the world.

I try and volunteer my time and services as much as possible, as I did when I helped raise an additional $26,000 for the Reason Rally, or as I currently do in keeping a regular column in American Atheist magazine. I also have volunteered for the Richard Dawkins Foundation and many others.

This is all made possible because of support by my readers.

This blog played a key role in ending the Ark Encounter tax deductions and I can only imagine what we can accomplish with just a little more help.

If you are able to donate, I thank you, and if you are not, you do help support our work by simply visiting and sharing our links, so I thank you as well.

If monthly giving is not feasible for you and you wish to make a one-time donation, or even just dislike Patreon and want to make a monthly contribution through PayPal, you can do so by going here.

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