Singer Morrissey responds to Orlando attack and encourages America to vote ‘no confidence’

Singer Morrissey responds to Orlando attack and encourages America to vote ‘no confidence’ June 13, 2016

British singer Morrissey, best known for his days in the 80’s rock group The Smiths, released a statement through his fan-run site True To You in which he questioned the Orlando nightclub shooters self-obsession.

“Although the gunman who massacred 49 people at an Orlando gay club is said to have been ‘repulsed’ by homosexuality, he nonetheless left behind a slew of self-adoring ‘selfies’; a handsome man gazing enchantedly at his own face. It is therefore acceptable for him to lovingly admire his own maleness, but it is not OK for other men to like other men. Does Islamic scripture say it is fitting for a man to sit alone taking adoring photographs of himself? I doubt it,” the singer wrote.

He then began to rip into Donald Trump, someone he called the next President of the United States, criticizing his belief that armed citizens inside the nightclub would have prevented the tragedy and wrote that “Donald Thump would therefore probably claim that the massacred children of Sandy Hook would still be alive today if only they’d had the common sense to carry sawn-off shotguns to school.”

Morrissey called this line of thinking a way to blame the gay community of Orlando for their own deaths because they didn’t arrive at the club fully armed.

He then gave a full on endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, sadly, it comes too little too late.

“The true victory of the presidential race has been the independent success of Bernie Sanders, whose approach has been so sane and intelligent and measured that he has been therefore all but entirely ignored by the U.S. media, who cannot understand anyone who is not blood-thirsty. This is because Bernie Sanders is human, and one who unusually did not gain his position because of several billion invested dollars,” he says before encouraging American voters who are left between the choice of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to vote “NO CONFIDENCE IN EITHER NOMINEE.”


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