This Christian mom has terrible advice to give her children

This Christian mom has terrible advice to give her children June 27, 2016

On the blog The Mom Initiative, Becky Kopitzke, a blogger over there has listed 4 things she will never tell her kids. They are terrible, self-defeating and, of course, rooted in religion.

Here is her list, and my replies.

1. You can be anything you want to be.

No, my precious girls, you will be exactly who God designed you to be—beautiful, unique, valued, and loved. He gave you certain gifts and abilities, chosen just for you by a perfect and purposeful God, and if you spend your life discovering and using those gifts wisely then you will be successful in the deepest sense.

She is basically telling her child that her whole life is predetermined. Don’t bother working hard to do what makes you happy, God doesn’t care. He gave you gifts and you better like them.

This is self-defeating and tells her child that she cannot break the mold, change the world, or set her own destiny. Instead, she tells her that she must adhere to fatalistic nonsense.

2. Believe in yourself.

Believe first in your God who created you and is capable of doing amazing things through you (Philippians 4:13). Yes, you are powerful, more powerful than you know, because Christ’s power is at work within you.

Translation, you’re a puppet. When the going gets tough, don’t believe you have the self-will to overcome adversity, give up and pretend it’s God’s will.

3. Follow your heart.

Don’t follow it; protect it. The heart is deceitful beyond cure (Jeremiah 17:9) and it can get you into a lot of trouble if you don’t check it against the truth of God’s word. Study your Bible, surround yourself with true friends who will hold you accountable, and pray, pray, pray so that when your heart tells you one thing and God says another, you’ll know the difference and can choose wisely.

Again, this mom wants her children to submit and not do what can make them happy and instead give into a predetermined world that doesn’t care about their wants and desires. Read a really lame book and talk to yourself.

4. You deserve to be happy.

Of course your mother wants you to be happy. But who in this world deserves it, when the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23)? Praise the Lord, my darling girls, for grace. Understand that blessings aren’t your right; they’re a gift. And sometimes, although we might not see it at the time, our troubles can be a gift, too.

Hi, this is your mom here,I want you to be happy, but you don’t deserve it because I believe in a selfish asshole of a God who doesn’t care about you and is going to hold you accountable for the actions of people you have never met. If you do something that makes you happy, you did nothing to accomplish that and the asshole God gave it to you and now you owe him!

Honestly, who let this lunatic have kids? I feel terrible for them to grow up in a house with such a horrid mother who doesn’t believe her children hold the power to do what they want and can be happy because they want to be.

This is just another way in which religion poisons everything. I can only hope one day these children realize their mother is full of shit and rebel against her lunacy.

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