Updated: Why I am -no longer- endorsing Jill Stein for President of the United States

Updated: Why I am -no longer- endorsing Jill Stein for President of the United States June 7, 2016

photo credit: Jill Stein via photopin (license)
photo credit: Jill Stein via photopin (license)

UPDATE 2: I am no longer endorsing Jill Stein for President of the United States.

UPDATE: Jill Stein recently clarified her position on vaccines and it was underwhelming, to say the least. Her clarified comments were not vague, they were straight anti-vaxx pandering and while she says vaccines work, she pushes the myth that they could be dangerous. I have written and update here. Because of her position on vaccines, this endorsement no longer stands as is. At the time of this update I have not pulled my official endorsement, but I find myself leaning in that direction. Any updates on that position will be addressed in a future blog post.

The Sanders campaign, while not officially, all but came to an end Monday night with the Associated Press announced that Hillary Clinton had enough pledged, plus super delegates to secure the Democratic Party nomination.

It became more apparent AP was correct with the rather severe beating Sanders took on the final super Tuesday of the election, failing to win California, the one state he needed to take in order to prove to the DNC the overall power of his campaign.

While Sanders said on Tuesday night he was not ending his campaign, this is where I get off. He isn’t going to win the nomination and he isn’t going to flip more than 70 percent of the super delegates needed to overturn the will of the Democratic Party voters.

Even if he could, I would not support him in that effort. Super delegates are undemocratic and to turn around and use those to gain the nomination goes against everything his campaign said it stood for.

I am no longer feeling the bern.

A few months ago, I wrote an article detailing that I would not support Hillary Clinton should she become the nominee, and that statement stands true. I don’t believe Clinton is leftist, she may be a liberal in today’s sense, but as I wrote in CounterPunch last month, I think the left must abandon liberalism. It’s failed us all.

Many people asked who I would support since I was not supporting Clinton. In my post, I mentioned Mimi Soltysik, the Socialist Party USA candidate, and the Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

I love Mimi, his campaign is utilizing the buzz generated by Sanders’ usage of the word socialist to really spread the word about what socialism actually is, and how much better a socialist society will be.

I will continue to support the Socialist Party and Mimi in their efforts to educate the masses on this topic.

That being said, I don’t believe Mimi is serious about winning the White House, nor should he be. The role he is playing now is perfect and I don’t think that should change.

So, given the election field, I have decided that I must support the candidate who not only wants to win but should win. The candidate who believes in social and income equality and justice and who will fight tirelessly to continue the political revolution that is currently growing in the United States.

That person is Jill Stein.

Yes, the Green Party has its faults, and I have outlined them here (and offered further info on them here.), and will continue to ask them to correct these. However, I would much rather battle a party on its views on alternative medicine and GMOs than I would vote for someone who will send our children into another senseless war and then won’t fight to make sure every last one of them has the best healthcare possible.

Stein understands that capitalism cannot be repaired and is a disease feeding on our countries poor and vulnerable. She understands that education should come before profit, and she understands that we cannot continue to destroy our planet any longer.

Because of those things, and much more, I am proud to support Jill Stein.

We have a revolution on our hands, and we must continue to fight.

For those worried about stopping Trump and the fear of a third-party spoiler, you can read about that plan here.

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