American Atheists sue Kansas City over $65,000 handout to Baptist Convention

American Atheists sue Kansas City over $65,000 handout to Baptist Convention July 22, 2016

American Atheists, along with two Kansas City residents, filed a complaint in federal court asking for a temporary and permanent injunction to prevent the City of Kansas City from giving $65,000 to Modest Miles Ministries, Inc. for the National Baptist Convention.

The convention, being held in September, is claiming that the money being used is for a “secular” purpose. That purpose, they said in an email to the city is the transportation of people to and from the convention.

“The National Baptist Convention is inherently religious—and it is clear under Missouri law and the First Amendment that Missouri taxpayers should not be paying for it,” said Amanda Knief, American Atheists National Legal Director.

In a press release, American Atheists noted that if Modest Miles Ministries is being honest about the usage of their city funds, that would mean the $65,000, which is 25% of the conventions entire budget would be used on shuttles.

That is simply not believable, and more importantly, transportation to and from a religious convention is not a “secular” use of the money. It is money used to bus people to and from an openly and blatantly religious event.

The press release makes American Atheists mission clear in this case:

American Atheists are asking the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri to enjoin the City from disbursing any funds to Modest Miles Ministries or the National Baptist Convention. The complaint also asks the Court to declare the $65,000 grant to be unconstitutional and award attorney’s fees.

In other news, it sounds like Ken Ham may have gotten a job at Modest Miles Ministries, because if any Christian in this country knows how to steal bags full of taxpayer money, it’s Ham.

Hopefully, the city does the right thing and cancels this large check to religious privilege.

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