Atheist group warns public schools against visiting the Ark Encounter

Atheist group warns public schools against visiting the Ark Encounter July 6, 2016

The Freedom From Religion Foundation announced Wednesday that they have reached out to over 1,300 school districts and reminded them they are not legally permitted to make field trips to both the new Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum.

“We are already receiving inquiries from concerned parents that overzealous teachers or principals may mistakenly believe it appropriate to schedule school-related trips to the Ark Encounter, as has happened with the Creation Museum.

“This is a precautionary memo to advise that public schools and public school staff may not constitutionally organize trips to Ham’s Ark Park, with its clear religious goal and portrayal of fiction as divine truth, or to the Creation Museum or any other religious venue,” the letter reads.

The letter continued to let the schools know that even voluntary trips, organized by the school are a constitutional violation.

In the past, public schools in the area of organized trips to the Creation Museum, owned by creationist Ken Ham, and it is already believed these same teachers, if not more, will attempt to do the same with the Ark Encounter.

Ham, of course, willfully encourage these schools to do so. Anything for a buck and anything to warp the minds of children forever.

I applaud FFRF for getting out in front of this now. This makes it much easier if a school tries to play dumb and schedule a trip to the park or museum anyway. This is strong, proactive activism, and it should be strongly encouraged.

The education of our future generations is too important to be left in the hands of those like Ken Ham.

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