Bernie Sanders supporters thinking about voting Trump aren’t revolutionaries, they’re idiots

Bernie Sanders supporters thinking about voting Trump aren’t revolutionaries, they’re idiots July 25, 2016

The demographic is small, but as Donald Trump tries to reach out to upset Bernie Sanders supporters, he will sadly pick up a few.

These voters, which I will call idiots, are not leftists, liberals, progressive, or whatever other labels we have for people in this country that give a damn about other people. They are politically naive and morally impotent.

Trump tweeted out during Sanders speech:

“Sad to watch Bernie Sanders abandon his revolution. We welcome all voters who want to fix our rigged system and bring back our jobs.”

No serious revolutionary would rally behind Sanders and then believe the best way to continue that revolution would be to support a fascist oligarch.

So don’t for a single second believe that the #BernieorBust crowd has anything to do with these foolish voters who believe the best way forward is to “burn it down,” and by that, they simply mean electing a Republican and then spending the next four to eight years regretting their absolute idiocy.

The Sanders revolution is officially dead but, in reality, the revolution pre-dated Sanders and will continue long after him. Sanders was revolutionary only in the sense of his actions happened inside the Democratic Party.

The real revolution has been taking place in the socialist, Green, and communist parties in the U.S. for generations and will continue to move forward. Any serious Sanders supporter who has decided to abandon the vote for Hillary Clinton should be looking at revolutionary politics on the left, which are more in line with Sanders positions, and more often much further to left.

To those who think burning it all down is the answer, just remember that eight years of Bush, sending our troops to war, lying about why we should go, didn’t spark a single revolution. Trump won’t either.

Throwing a hissy fit and voting for someone who can damage the lives of our LGBTQ, Latino, black, or any other minority group, isn’t revolutionary, it’s fucking stupid.

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