The Way of the Heathen offers a new look at navigating the atheist life

The Way of the Heathen offers a new look at navigating the atheist life July 10, 2016

Too often I hear from atheists that being an atheist defines very little about who they are. That their non-belief in god may not even appear in a top 10 list of things they feel are important to them.

I have little doubt for some, especially those who never experience a loss of faith may find this to be true. Yet, for many, it may define more about them than they know.

This is the message I got loud and clear in The Way of the Heathen (Pitchstone Publishing, 2016), the newest book from blogger, journalist, and author, Greta Christina.


When you find your way to atheism from a religious background you may not even realize the impact it has on the rest of your life. However, if you came to such a conclusion through rational thought and logic, you likely are applying those same skills now to everyday life.

When you gave up faith, you also gave up prayer. You gave up waiting for someone else to come fix your life and you took control. Christina uses an example of using a natural remedy to try and remedy a knee problem she was facing. When she lost her faith, she found herself questing the usefulness of such a remedy and instead visited a doctor and took a medical approach to her ailment.

This becomes a theme to many atheists lives after the leave religion. Remember when the fear of death was eased by the thought of seeing your loved ones again and living forever in paradise? That fantasy is lost once you accept the fact there is no god, no heaven.

Those who lose their faith are faced with a myriad of new questions and new views on life to explore. Is there meaning in our lives? Even how one views sex and sexuality are often times changed dramatically once a religious leader is not dictating what one should think about it.

Religion believes it has a monopoly on answering the “big questions” in life, but Christina has shown in this new book, atheists have much more grounded answers. and much more moral answers.

The Way of the Heathen opens the doors to a new way of thinking post-faith but stands as a book that is as valuable to the brand new atheist as it is the longtime atheist.

This is the type of book that leaves me feeling proud to be an atheist and proud to be a part of a community that produces such works that work to improve the betterment of not just oneself, but society as a whole.


Disclaimer: This book is published with Pitchstone Publishing, the same publisher that I publish my books through. I was asked directly by my friend, Greta Christina, the author of this book to read it and write a review should I feel comfortable doing so. Once I read the book, I felt more than comfortable writing the review you just read because I truly believe in the work. My relationship with the publisher and author played no role in my decision to proceed with the review.

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