Why I finally quit writing for the Huffington Post

Why I finally quit writing for the Huffington Post July 14, 2016

When I began writing years ago, I was lucky enough to get featured on the Richard Dawkins Foundation website.

That led to a post I wrote being featured during the now famous Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate and in turn landed me a blog on Huffington Post.

At the time, this was huge. I was able to potentially reach millions of new readers and really grow as a writer.

However, Huffington Post, with all their millions of dollars in ad revenue and support from AOL/Verizon, doesn’t pay its writers. Though, at the time, the exposure was what I needed.

Soon after I began a paid writing gig with AlterNet, and Huffing Post fell by the wayside.

Recently, however, I decided to take a few of my Patheos blog posts that didn’t gain much traction, but that I really enjoyed, and posted them over at Huffington Post. This allowed them some new life and allowed me to get some more readers eyes on them.

I still was bothered by their no-pay model, though.

Then, the folks at Huffington Post made the decision for me. They launched a new beta site for their bloggers, and it is a giant disaster.

The new system looks as though they are going to open up blogging to more writers, but won’t actually feature or promote any of the writing unless it happens to do well on its own. Meaning the author can promote it on their own to a degree Huffington Post is happy with and then, and only then, would they share it.

To test this, I took a post of mine and posted it. It has so far had zero views. I have never posted an article on that site that has zero views.

So not only are Huffington Post not using their millions to pay writers who in turn make them more money, now they are not even offering those writers exposure.

So with that, I have made the decision to stop writing for Huffington Post altogether. They are bad for writers, they are immoral for making money and not helping writers who rely on freelance wages to get by.

Huffington Post has long been a tabloid, but it’s only getting worse.

Huffington Post does not care about accuracy. They don’t care about integrity, and they don’t care about their writers.

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