Beyond science: Why I left the Green Party once and for all

Beyond science: Why I left the Green Party once and for all August 8, 2016

photo credit: Jill Stein via photopin (license)
photo credit: Jill Stein via photopin (license)

I recently announced that I was pulling my support for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and that I was also leaving the Green Party.

This decision was mainly spurred by the news and then doubling down of, anti-science rhetoric from Stein, and the then the conspiracy theorist level of defense from those in the party itself. I was regularly messaged and emailed to tell me I am a shill for Clinton, a shill for Monsanto, and big pharma. I was regularly asked who was paying me to smear Stein.

However, while it was the anti-vaccine pandering, and the GMO fear mongering that pushed me over the edge, the truth is, the momentum to leave had already been set in motion.

A few months ago I appeared on a podcast called Acronym and discussed why I thought Bernie of Bust was a waste of time and discussed what I wanted to see from the Stein campaign. I said that I understood Stein was never going to win the presidency, but I wanted her campaign to act like they could, and put forth a clear plan to the White House and a clear plan on how they would get things done if elected. If nothing else, this shows the seriousness and maturity of a campaign and party.

Following that podcast, I never saw a single one of those things happen. The campaign is currently only on 23 state ballots, and yet when I asked a campaign staffer how they can win with only 23 states, they made it clear they can win and I should look at Bernie Sanders’ campaign as proof of what an underdog can do.

The truth is, though, to win, they would need to win all 23 states, not a few of them. All of them. Some of these states will not even carry Hillary Clinton, let alone an even more liberal candidate. The Never Trump campaign may be strong, but not strong enough to build Green Party support. Let’s be real.

If you have a solution to get on all 50 ballots, and how you’re going to win the state’s needed, I want to hear it. Just repeating that you can be an underdog victory is not a plan.

Stein continued to tweet or post about her Green New Deal, not much as far as details, but that it would create jobs, killing the job crisis and protecting the planet. Great! The deal is actually pretty solid, it would never pass through a GOP held or even Democratic-held congress, but it’s a good policy to move the country forward.

The Greens don’t have a forward thinking plan. Yes, they have more than 100 elected officials, but no mayors, no governors, and certainly no congressman. They hammer on about how revolutions are built from the ground up, but they take no time to lay the groundwork.

Stein’s campaign should not be about winning the White House, it should be about discussing leftist ideas, and promoting the party on the national stage. Instead, she is claiming that there is no difference between Trump and Clinton and then pandering to anti-science kooks who don’t deserve attention.

Stein and the Greens begged for media attention, and when they got it, they blew it. They blew it big time, they made a fool of themselves and any of their supporters who take politics seriously.

During the primaries, I asked Greens and the Stein campaign what their plan was to reach out to Sanders supporters when his campaign came to a close and I was told they didn’t have one because they knew Sanders supporters would naturally come to them.

Well, they didn’t. Now the party is scrambling to attract them. Sure, some came over, but many have still never heard of the Green Party, and now they just see someone pandering to them and practically begging Sanders to join their party.

Why would Sanders, a man who turned an invisible campaign into one of the most successful bids for president in recent history, throw that away to join a party that has no plan? Why would he throw his career away to support a party that has never tried to support him? He can see they only want his name and success. How does that make the Green Party any better than the Democrats?

Socialist Party USA has around 800 dues paying members, the Green Party has more than 300,000 registered voters. Yet, the socialists are using the media spotlight to highlight the socialist platform and inspire the American people to stand up for their rights. The Greens are using their time in the spotlight to call Clinton a criminal and talk about the dangers of GMOs.

Revolutionary politics is happening in the US, but the sad truth is, the largest party on the left, the Greens, are not part of that revolution. They are not a part of it because no one takes them seriously. They have become a caricature of themselves. Hippies sitting around hammering on about “the man” and the government conspiracies, all while the real world passes them by.

I want a political revolution, and I know if I wanted that, I needed to leave the greens. The vaccine and GMO statements made the decision easier, but the walkout was coming, and I am glad I did it.

If you want to be a revolutionary, you have to get your hands dirty, not just stand on a stage and demand that major news outlets give you a platform and demand debate access. Do the work and stop crying about how hard it is.

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