Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated whether sin or evolution caused humans to wear clothes

Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated whether sin or evolution caused humans to wear clothes August 2, 2016

Image: Screencapture
Image: Screen capture

During Bill Nye’s now well-covered visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, one of the things to two debated for some reason was why humans wear clothes. While we have many reasons we know humans cloth themselves, Ham seems to think it’s only because of sin.

Ham posted a new video to his Facebook on Monday that highlighted part of this debate.

Nye said that scientists believe that human feelings and emotions are a result of evolution.

“So that we have sympathy for each other, that we get angry with each other, that we work very hard to raise our children, provide them with resources is deep within us. It’s part of who we are. It’s not a result of a top-down issuance of laws. That’s the claim in science, and we observe this in other species,” Nye explained to Ham and the crowd gathering to watch.

Ham, of course, countered with sin.

“The fact that we are wearing clothes is a reminder that God killed animals and clothed Adam and Eve,” Ham insisted.

Ham then told Nye he needs to change his way of thinking because Jesus “died for him,” and if he didn’t accept the gift of salvation, Nye would suffer for eternity.

“The Bible says that if you are not born again, you suffer a second death, which is eternal separation from God,” Ham said.

“I’m not gonna suffer that second death, I don’t want you to suffer that second death. I really don’t.”

Nye, with all credit to his patience, kindly told Ham he knows he didn’t want him to suffer, but instead of countering that childish argument and threat, he asked Ham politely to stop indoctrinating kids.

Ham, asked him to do the same, just not to his face. After Nye left, Ham said, “He wants to brainwash kids, to indoctrinate them, in his naturalistic [read: atheistic] religion of meaninglessness and hopelessness.”

Ham went on to ask his followers to pray that Nye someday believes in fairy tales, I mean, God.

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