Denouncing anti-science: How Jill Stein lost my vote for good

Denouncing anti-science: How Jill Stein lost my vote for good August 1, 2016

photo credit: Jill Stein via photopin (license)
photo credit: Jill Stein via photopin (license)

Anyone who reads this blog knows I have supported Jill Stein’s candidacy for president for a while now. She was my original choice until Bernie Sanders came along, and I moved back to Stein when Sanders didn’t clinch the nomination.

I even tried very hard to defend not only Stein’s but the Green Party’s anti-science beliefs. I can deal with some candidacy issues because not everyone is perfect, but there is a limit to how much a science advocate can take. That limit for me is downright lying about science, and over pandering to fear mongers.

I can no longer do that. I must speak out and I must abandon my endorsement of Stein and leave the Green Party.


First, she seemed wishy-washy on vaccines. She says they work, but then says they contain “toxins” and makes them sound as if they need more testing. I defended her original comments, but I denounced her latest. Since I already wrote about that at length, I won’t do so again here, but you can read my thoughts about her and vaccines here.

Now, she has posted a tweet that says “there is no evidence vaccines cause autism,” deleted it, and reposted it saying she doesn’t “know” of any evidence.

Her comments about vaccines are irresponsible and reprehensible. She should be ashamed.


I have always had an issue with Stein’s GMO stance, but I also had an issue with Sanders stance, and while Stein’s stance I thought was too far, I often said that I would rather debate Stein on GMOs than I would debate Hillary Clinton on sending troops into combat. That’s still mostly true, however, over the weekend I received a fundraising email from Stein, and it was the last straw email.

The email reads:

In addition to climate change and creating an economy that works for the 99%, one of the most important is putting a moratorium on GMO foods and pesticides. Why? Because evidence is now showing that once these foods reach our digestive tract, they can affect our very DNA.

And built-in pesticides are just one of the repulsive aspects of GMO “franken foods” that corporate giant Monsanto has created.

What evidence? What evidence is showing that GMOs are affecting our DNA? That is dishonest, fear-mongering, for fundraising purposes. If Stein actually believes this, as a trained medical professional who should respect the scientific method and the countless studies that show that GMOs are safe, she is purely anti-science.

If she doesn’t believe this and is only doing so to pander, she is no different than the two major parties she speaks out against every day. Either way, I am not with her.


And today, a video surfaced of Stein claiming that WiFi could be dangerous for our brains.

When asked about wifi in our schools, Stein responded by saying:

“We should not subjecting kid’s brains especially to that… and we don’t follow this issue in our country, but in Europe where they do, you know, they have good precautions about wireless. Maybe not good enough, you know. It’s very hard to study this stuff. You know, we make guinea pigs out of whole populations and then we discover how many die. And this is the paradigm for how public health works in this country.”

What in the actual hell is she talking about? I don’t even have to go far to draw a comparison of this level of woo-style fearmongering to David Wolfe, the lunatic who thinks cocoa is an alien substance sent to earth by the sun.

I can’t defend any of this, and I shouldn’t. As a science and health advocate, I cannot condone these positions or statements.

As I said above, I am no longer endorsing or voting for Jill Stein and I have also registered as no-party-preference in my home state of California.

I believe in third parties, I believe in revolutionary politics. I hope someday the Greens come around to push out the anti-science lunacy that has infected their party, but until then, I can no longer associate with it.

If I am supposed to vote my conscience, leaving Stein and the Green Party is me doing just that.


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