Is anyone actually visiting the Ark Encounter? New drone footage shows empty parking lot

Is anyone actually visiting the Ark Encounter? New drone footage shows empty parking lot August 31, 2016

Image: YouTube screen capture
Image: YouTube screen capture

Ken Ham loves to boast about the people from all over the world visiting the Ark Encounter in Williamtown, Kentucky. However, there is very little evidence people are actually visiting.

It’s been estimated that the park needs somewhere around 5,600 visitors per day to meet their 2 million visitor goal they set and promised to the town. On opening weekend, they didn’t seem to average more than 5,000 a day and it seems it’s only getting worse.

New drone footage, posted to Facebook says it was taken on August 28, a Sunday at noon, so what should be a very busy theme park day.

The footage shows the entire Ark Encounter parking lot and there are only a few dozen cars there.

How can that be? How can a park that claims to attract thousands only have a few dozen cars in their lot at noon on a Sunday!?

Watch the video footage below:

Update: It has come to my attention the park opens at noon on Sundays and this footage is taken around “high noon” and that could account for the low number of cars. The point is good except that even at 11:55 people should be showing up when a theme park opens. And while many local people may be in church, still, this business is going to need tourists who are in from out of town, away from their churches. So while the park maybe won’t be packed at “high noon” there should be a great deal more people showing up for the opening of it.

So it is right to say the lot maybe should not be packed (though Ham himself did compare this park to Disneyworld, and their lot is packed hours before opening), the lot is still a sad view of what a park that is said to bring in “2 million people year” looks like when it’s doors are opening.

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