Is Joe Lieberman so desperate for attention he’s going to endorse Donald Trump?

Is Joe Lieberman so desperate for attention he’s going to endorse Donald Trump? August 9, 2016

Former senator and failed vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, who quit the Democratic Party in 2006, and endorsed John McCain against Barack Obama in 2008, is said to be considering a possible endorsement of Donald Trump.

He is still undecided, but says that “a lot of us, I think, who can’t feel quite comfortable either way yet.”

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with a group called ‘No Labels,’” he said. “Jon Huntsman and I, former Republican governor of Utah, [are] really trying to do something that may seem naive or idealistic, but to sort of build the groundwork of people in both, parties who after the war is over—the war [which] is this campaign— will be prepared to try to build a peace that will enable our government to get something done for the American people.”

His pal Huntsman, however, has already endorsed Trump, saying that he believes “he has a unique opportunity to bring together constituents under the Republican banner.”

Lieberman has been a sore loser ever since losing the VP seat in 2000, and later not winning the parties nomination in Connecticut, instead becoming an independent, and beating his Democratic challenger. Once he entered the senate, he started to caucus with the Republicans, abandoning his former liberal ideology.

Today, he is a forgotten dinosaur of politics past. It seems in toying with the idea of supporting Trump he feels he may be able to breathe some life into his forgotten existence.

What a legacy you’ll leave, Joe. You’re best forgotten.

Update: Lieberman was on Fox Business Wednesday morning and said that he would be voting for Hillary Clinton.

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