The Trolley Problem: What should self driving cars do?

The Trolley Problem: What should self driving cars do? August 9, 2016

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The geniuses over at MIT have come up with a fascinating way to look at The Trolley Problem and the self-driving car.

On a new site called Moral Machine, users are shown a series of scenarios in which a self-driving car must decide whether to drive into a wall, killing everyone in the car, or slamming into pedestrians, killing those crossing the road.

The premise is, of course, these self-driving cars are going to need to be programmed with a certain level decision making that could, in the end, kill the passengers or those outside of the car.

This is game theory in action, and it’s harder than it looks. I took the test and found many of the scenarios very troubling and wasn’t sure exactly what should be the right answer.

Head on over to Moral Machine and make your choices.

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