How was Ark Encounter attendance over Labor Day weekend? Not great

How was Ark Encounter attendance over Labor Day weekend? Not great September 7, 2016

Image: YouTube screen capture
Image: YouTube screen capture

Last month I posted a video of the Ark Encounter parking lot, showing an incredibly empty lot at around noon on a Sunday.

As some people pointed out, the park opened at noon on Sundays, and even though a parking lot to a theme park should be filling up by the time they open, it wasn’t a totally fair assessment of the park.

So now, we have a new video of the parking at 1:00 PM on a Saturday, over the 3-day Labor Day weekend holiday.

What do we see? Well, we see a lot more cars than we did from the previous video, however, the lot itself is not even half full. In the video, I counted somewhere around 1000 cars. If you are generous and put four people in each car, that is around 4000 visitors at what should be a busy time on their busiest day.

As I have noted before, they need somewhere around 5,400 visitors per day, every day they are open to reach the more than two million visitor goal they promised the town and the taxpayers who are going to be on the hook for more than $100 million if this park doesn’t bring in the massive revenue Ken Ham claimed it would.

While throughout the day it is likely more people came and some left, on this weekend, that lot needs to be packed. It is a long weekend and on a Saturday. These are the day’s parks use to make up for slow days, and Ken Ham can’t even fill half his lot.

The truth remains, for all intents and purposes, this park is a failure. It is not pulling in the multiple thousands that are needed to be sustainable.

It seems Bill Nye may get his wish and this park may not stay open long enough for phase 2.

Check out the drone footage below:

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