Did the Ark Encounter actually reach 400,000 visitors? Only Ken Ham thinks so

Did the Ark Encounter actually reach 400,000 visitors? Only Ken Ham thinks so October 25, 2016
Image: Ark Encounter
Image: Ark Encounter

Ken Ham and the Christian media is all abuzz with news that the Ark Encounter reached 400,000 visitors.

However, the only source for this claim is, in fact, the Ark Encounter and Ken Ham, the park’s owner. The number of visitors is not confirmed by any outside party.

In order to reach 400,000, the park would need an average of 4,300 visitors a day, or extremely busy weekends to make up for slower weekdays.

However, on Labor Day weekend alone, video footage showed that the park was barely pulling 4,000 visitors at peak hours. On opening day they didn’t seem to break 5,000 and those who visited the park that day talks about how empty the park was.

Any reasonable person would look at those kinds of numbers and reason that the park is likely nowhere near 400,000 visitors.

The Hunden Group, a professional research group found that the park would likely receive 325,000 visitors in the first year. Only Ken Ham’s friend’s at America’s Research Group believe the park would break one million visitors. An unrealistic estimate by any measure.

This has not stopped Ham from attacking the “anti-Christian” media for “misleading” the public about his park. He wrote on this blog that media outlets are hiding the park’s success and are even lying about the impact the park is having on the community.

Ham, however, ignores that the town’s own mayor has said the park has done nothing to help the community.

There is simply no evidence the park is doing as well as Ken claims, and until he can prove that 400,000 paying customers have walked through his door, I will continue to doubt anything he says. His track record is one of dishonesty and lying for Jesus. If he can’t pack his park on a busy holiday weekend, let’s not pretend he can keep it packed seven days a week.

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