The Walking Dead illustrates how horrible the character of God really is

The Walking Dead illustrates how horrible the character of God really is October 24, 2016
Image: AMC video screen capture
Image: AMC video screen capture

The Walking Dead returned with its seventh season Sunday Night, finally unveiling which main character would be killed off, stemming from the season six cliffhanger. Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

At the end of last season, we met Negan, the leader of a violent gang of survivors who had hunted down Rick and his crew and had them lined up, ready to murder one of them for killing some of his men.

After Negan made his decision, (I won’t spoil that), he took Rick for a ride. The point of the trip was to instill fear in Rick, showing him that he was in charge. Rick did as he was told, but Negan was not happy. He demanded more of Rick. He needed Rick to prove his loyalty.

Sound familiar? Negan is starting to sound a lot like a certain God from a certain Christian bible. Yet, the similarity did not stop there.

Negan wanted to really test Rick’s allegiance so he borrowed from the bible, and grabbed Rick’s son Carl.

He laid Carl on the ground and drew a line on his forearm. He then handed Rick an ax and demanded that Rick cut off his son’s own arm, to prove himself, and if he didn’t, he would kill Carl and the rest of Rick’s friends.

This parallels the story of Abraham, in which God commanded him to take his son Issac and sacrifice him.

Carl begged his father to cut off his arm to save all of their lives. As Rick raised the ax, Negan stopped him at the last second.

Just like an angel stopped Abraham at the last second and said, “now I know you fear God.”

Negan looked at Rick and said, “that’s the look I want to see,” referring to the fear in Rick’s eyes.

Christians praise God and would likely all agree Negan is the bad guy. Yet they employ the same methods of fear to keep their following in order.

If anything, The Walking Dead has proven what a horrible piece of shit God actually is by placing his role, his words, and his actions on an evil man. This proves beyond a doubt that what God did was immoral and pure evil.

There honestly is no more evil a character in all of fiction than God.

If you know someone who doesn’t believe that, tell them to watch The Walking Dead.

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