Don’t blame third parties for Clinton’s loss, blame Democrats who didn’t vote

Don’t blame third parties for Clinton’s loss, blame Democrats who didn’t vote November 11, 2016

Image: Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons
Image: Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

As election results poured into households on November 8, it became clear that Hillary Clinton’s surefire win was in trouble and immediately, liberals refused to hold their own party accountable and started blaming the loss on third party candidates. This was mostly directed at the Green Party’s Jill Stein, but some at Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate.

The blaming of Johnson was unique in the fact that he is a conservative and until 2012, a longtime Republican. His running should be stealing votes from Republicans, but it seemed no one was safe from liberal scorn as they blamed everyone but themselves.

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC and others even did the math to realize that “If Jill Stein’s supporters and half of Gary Johnson’s supporters had supported Hillary Clinton in 4 swing states, the Democrat would be the president-elect today.”

This logic is outstanding. This is like saying “if half of Trump supporters voted Clinton, she would have beat him.’

Why would we assume half of those Johnson supporters wouldn’t have been conservatives who would have otherwise voted for Trump?

And the truth is, Democrats didn’t need either. All they really needed was to show up, and they didn’t.

In fact, 6.8 million fewer Democrats came out for Clinton than did for Obama in 2012. Compare that to only 1.9 million fewer Republicans who came out.

It’s not Stein or Johnson who lost the election for Clinton, it was lazy, apathetic, smug Democrats. Democrats constantly demand that members of other parties support their candidate while never demanding their own party members show up. They don’t get out the vote, they point fingers.

To be sure, though, let’s look at the key states Clinton lost and how the numbers add up. Let’s look at Stein’s numbers and the number of people who didn’t vote. Johnson’s numbers are meaningless because he was the conservatives Stein, and liberals blaming him without the data to prove he stole their votes is just laughable.

Also, it’s foolish to think all of Stein’s voters would have come to Clinton. Third parties have always existed and always will. If a campaign doesn’t work in a strategy to compete with them, they are putting nails in their own coffins. The Democratic strategy was to shame Stein supporters, not reach out to them.


Overall Trump margin of victory: 13,107 votes
Jill Stein vote total: 51,427

Yet, in Wayne County (Detroit) alone, Clinton received 129,000 fewer votes than Obama. That more than doubles the difference Stein voters would have made. Assuming even a small percentage of them were Democrats to begin with.


Overall Trump margin of victory: 27,257 votes
Jill Stein vote total: 30,980

Here, Clinton received 95,000 fewer votes than Obama in 2012. Another doubling of what Stein voters, if Democrats, could have produced.

Wisconsin also has strict voter ID laws and according to The Nation, some 300,000 voters lacked proper identification to vote.


Overall Trump margin of victory: 71,794
Jill Stein vote total: 48,657

Clinton received nearly 144,000 fewer votes than Obama in 2012.


Overall Trump margin of victory: 119,489
Jill Stein vote total: 64,060

In Florida, Stein doesn’t even make up the difference and Clinton received nearly 200,000 more votes than Obama. Florida simply wanted Trump.

The fact is, Clinton lost because of overall voter turnout, down nearly 7 million. She lost because she failed to capture the African American vote, the Latino vote, or the young vote, at the levels which Obama had in 2012.

To be fair, she did win the popular vote. Yet, her campaign knew that a popular vote doesn’t mean you win, and the states which she lost, excluding Florida, are all due to poor turnout.

Her campaign failed to motivate her base. Much like Al Gore in 2000, they party didn’t care enough to show up and elect their chosen leader and instead sat on their hands and elected a tyrant.

Gary Johnson’s and Jill Stein’s supporters voted against Trump, Democrats simply didn’t vote.

The neoliberal experiment failed. Rejected by Americans by and large. Sadly, it was Donald Trump who was able to wield the final blow, and now the country is paying for the Democratic Party’s mistake.


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